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By Maung Tha Hla

The Human Rights issue is a noble purpose to pursue, but if misled conscientiously or unconscientiously it might just be the opposite, leading to the probability of bringing misunderstanding upon the objective and integrity of the pursuers.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted on December 10, 1948 in consequence of the Second World War and ever since mania for human rights has captivated the West which takes a role to set a moral standard by their own utopian notions. The crux of the matter is that centuries before and decades after the adoption of the Declaration the European expansion of empery had denatured the so-called Third World into living hell flagrantly violating the dignity of person of the servile people who lived in subhuman conditions in their own lands.  Regrettably, the Western society who claimed moral high ground, despite the gory past, condescendingly decried the former colonies, which were being besieged by political crisis and social exigency, the intrinsic legacy of Imperial Empires of the bygone days. Over the years there was the mushroom-growth of organizations mostly based in Europe, which claimed to be working for the cause of human rights. But one is constrained to question the devotional claim and cast doubt on the dedication and integrity of self-assertive organizations as most of them have become agents and the mouthpiece of special interest groups. The recent inter-communal strife in Rakhaing state of Myanmar is a case in point. They slavishly mounted a slew of charges against Myanmar of alleged mistreatment of the illegal immigrant Bengalis. 

THE ORGAN GRINDER AND THE MONKEYS: It is much of a conspiracy that once the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) woefully howled echoing canards of illegal Bengali secessionists, the Human Rights monkeys sprang up to franticly dance to the tune wailing over the alleged violation of Bengali human rights. The parallels are striking between the OIC and Human Rights Organizations which not only made adverse comments about the government for its handling of the Bengali matters but also strewed lopsided reports demonizing the indigenous Rakhaings who had long been fallen victims to atrocities committed by the pugnacious alien Bengalis in the course of the virulent campaign for a free Islamic state in the Rakhaing land.   The Bengali Muslims ruthlessly slaughtered the once dominant Rakhaing communities of Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships where they squatted in the looted lands, having made up the majority in the ratio of 97 to 3 per cent over the indigenes; yet the Bengalis, who lived by the legacy of lies, played the victim card, hurling accusations at the native Rakhaings of ethnic cleansing.

The United Nations Organization, which is supposed to be icon of morality and impartiality, is suffering from credibility problem as it now buckled under pressure of the OIC comprising of 57 Muslim nations and European Union of 28 Christian nations, let alone being bypassed by regional groups such as the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or used as a tool by powerful nations to advance their political agenda. The world organization, which had been increasingly in partnership with the powerful groups, passed Resolution (A/C.3/68/L.55) on situation of human rights in Myanmar, which was sponsored, with the OIC's approbation, by the European nations plus the United States. It brought pressure bearing upon Myanmar to allow equal access to full citizenship for alien Bengali separatists in contravention of the law of Myanmar.  Also the resolution spewed accusations of religious persecution, racial discrimination and human rights violation against the Muslims but purposely pretermitted the Bengali atrocities and violation of human rights against the native population, nor did it reflect on the perfidy of the British imported Bengalis who raised the banner of Mujtahid separatist movement for an Islamic state which they laid a plan to accede to their former homeland, now Bangladesh. It is the general notion that citizenship comes with loyalty to the host nation compounded with the obligation to uphold its constitution, solute the national flag, adapt to the native language, admire native culture, tolerate the religion of the land, and thus assimilating into the life of adopted country.  Notwithstanding the egregious breach of the above fundamentals, the organization pushed for the citizenship of illegal Bengalis, having touted the politically motivated terminology which the Bengalis had hankered after in excuse of the demand for the entitlement to a national race, and hence a free Islamic state.  The world organization unjustly rested onus of Bengali delictum with the host nation. The partisan resolution could only be construed as interference in the internal affairs of Myanmar, hence amounting to impingement on the sovereignty of a member nation.

How prejudicial is the resolution of the world organization, but what is more reprehensible is a set of parochial reports by the human rights organizations predisposed to anti-Myanmar agenda, which are perfect examples of how a situation can be exploited and facts distorted to serve the political purpose of an interest group. Sadly there seem to be no bottom to the pit of abasement in which some organizations and apologists had been falling, who throve on the business of human rights.

Special rapporteurs or independent experts are appointed by the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council to examine and report back on a country situation or a specific human rights theme.  The positions are honorary and the experts are not UN staff, nor are they paid for their work.  That he was not paid for his work prompted the public to frown at UN expert Thomas Ojea Quintana who accused Myanmar of committing "genocide" against the illegal Bengalis in the greatly exaggerated report based on the fabricated Bengali source.  He went too far reporting with complete impunity morphed accounts on Bengali situation, which only tarnished the image of the world organization. The worst was that he overstepped the mandate to demand granting of citizenship to the disfranchised Bengali separatists, thus encroaching on Myanmar's sovereign.

Human Right Watch made public a one-sided and offensive report on inter-communal riots in Myanmar. Despite its claim being so upright and impartial the organization was criticized for its unfair and biased reporting on the human rights by national governments, other NGOs, the media and even its founder and Chairman Emerita Robert Bernstein. It came under criticism on the issues in Eritrea and Ethiopia and the Arab-Israel conflict. The HRW which depended on wealthy donors had to comply with the desire of financiers who liked to see its reports made headlines which the media had put in the limelight.  Accusations were also leveled against it for being influenced by US foreign policy with regard to unbalanced reporting on Latin America and the Palestinians. That's bad enough, but worse was the accusation that it requested donations from Saudi Arabian citizens on the basis of criticism of Israel; which posed a vex question as to the integrity of the author and credibility of the lopsided report on Myanmar, wildly deploying the terms, "crime against humanity", "ethnic cleansing" and "genocide".

HUMAN RIGHTS OR BENGALI RIGHTS: In seeking to achieve their goal the alien Bengalis made desperate efforts through powerful Islamic lobbyists to boost political influence courting Western proxies. The self-seeking, multicultural zealots who see nothing but to pander to the Muslim world were using their political clout to enforce a permanent solution to the illegal Bengali issue embarking on the infringement upon the sovereignty of Myanmar.  Posing in the forefront as key players was the duo of the United States and the United Kingdom, which ridiculously asserted that the belligerent Bengali Muslims were innocent victims of Buddhist aggression. Siding with the Bengali secessionists they demanded citizenship rights for them.  The Bengali problem started with the British colonialists who imported them for their invested interests and now the United States which had been the chief target of Muslim hate campaign thrust itself as the champion of the Bengali rights with sole purpose of pacifying the anti-American Muslim world.  Being powerful is not a license to manipulate the internal affairs of others. 

Why was the United States, which had been duped into leading the NATO to establish an Islamic State in the heart of Europe, so impassioned about the Jihadist Bengali separatists who slyly sought the patronage of the powerful West to help bring their separatist movement into the vortex of international politics having deluded themselves into the precedent of Kosovo? In virtue of the potential levers of economic sanction against Myanmar the United States, which had been in the business of aggressive lobbying with illusion about possibility of making the illegal Bengalis citizens of Myanmar and entitlement to a national race, escalated its efforts to shape a pro-Bengali strategy in such intensity that it came to the point of raising a question as to whether it was lobbying or abuse of super power position. 

The American pressure cooker gathered steam with the visits of state actors. Barack Obama was followed by former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, with Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair following in his footsteps. They all are peace-brokers by their own rights, who were involved in peace missions and human rights campaign; at the same time none of them had a success in the Middle East peace process, the trade mark of the nation's highest office.  It was of much doubt whether their righteous orations, which much the same as the language of OIC stooges of human rights syndicate, would help bring about a solution to the communal conflict in Myanmar, and in the least their patronizing remarks would have positive effects on the natives, if not make them feel like sickening.

Interestingly, timing of Clinton's visit coincided with that of European Union delegation headed by foreign policy chief, Catherine Aston, being trailed by the OIC delegation. Concurrently, the coercive measures effectuated in Myanmar were complemented at the home front where a Bengali delegation was received in audience by the Senate foreign relation committee, which resulted in introduction of House Resolution 418, which if adopted would urge Myanmar to end the persecution of illegal Bengali Muslims. However, any fair-minded lawmaker would not compromise his or her conscience to go along with the resolution since it failed to address the violence and crimes perpetrated by the Bengali immigrants against the indigenous people. It may be noted that a similar pro-Bengali resolution was doomed in 2010.  It is not surprising that the powerful Islamic lobbying was gaining influence on the American foreign policy issues given the instance that Obama had faithfully played a pro-Bengali card in his Islamic surrogate mission to Myanmar in 2012.

HYPOCRISY AT WORK: It is plain hypocrisy that the bigoted Muslim countries which consolidated into a world Muslim organization nursed feeling of solidarity with the Islamist Bengali separatists and exerted pressure on Myanmar demanding to take measures to eliminate the alleged offences of religious persecution and racial discrimination, notwithstanding human rights violation and persecution of religious minorities were the order of the day in their own nations.  Following the disintegration of Sadden Hussein's Iraq and Gaddafi's Libya, the powerful Islamic nations which vied for leadership of the Muslim world conveniently exploited the inter-communal violence of Rakhaing state in hopes of redressing the failure to mollify the ongoing turmoil across the Muslim world, particularly the Middle East which had been convulsed with the deadly sectarian conflicts among the Muslims who claimed themselves being the most peaceful and nonviolent people on earth.

Among the leading Muslim countries that rallied behind the illegal Bengali separatists were Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt as well as Islamic members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, which unfairly played upon the inter-communal conflict to their own advantage, despite their own notorious human rights records. Turkey, for one, bolstered by the prestige of membership to the NATO, thrust itself forward as the global protector of Muslim rights having put up a good show through the visits to Myanmar of Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu accompanied by teary-eyed Mrs. Emine Erdogan and crying OIC secretary-general Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, who led the organization delegation, in a measure to demonstrate the Turkish leading role in promoting the welfare and the human rights of the Bengali Muslims.  It is ironic that Turkey denounced Myanmar for the speculative genocide of alien Bengalis against its horrific past and prevailing situation in human rights violation. Turning to its past, the country was still haunted by the ineffaceable crime against humanity and the 1915 genocide of Christian Armenians, the first ever of the sort in the history of modern world, which was perpetrated at the height of the Ottoman Empire that comprised an area covering 45 sovereign nations today. Pope Francis bestowed sainthood on "Martyrs of Otranto", to honour the 813 Italians who were slain in the southern Italian city in 1480 for defying demands by Turkish invaders who overran the citadel to renounce Christianity. The modern day Turkey is not exonerated from the ethnic cleansing being blatantly executed against the Kurds and Arab minorities as well as religious persecution of the Alevis.  Did the Turkish First Lady or the OIC secretary general ever shad tears over such crimes? Is it not hypocrisy that espoused their pious hearts bleed for the Islamist separatist Bengalis? 

Saudi Arabia, which has ironically been elected to serve on the United Nations Human Rights Council, used religion as a tool of oppression. The kingdom, which is the chief promoter of international Islamic fundamentalism and the backbone of the OIC, reached the deep pocket to insensately impose Islam on the non-Muslim nations and pulverize other religions. It sanctimoniously condemned Myanmar for religious persecution, ethnic cleansing and human rights violations of the jihadist Bengalis, despite its own record of human and civil rights violations and the religious persecution of Shiite Muslims in the kingdom where no other religion was allowed to establish or being practised, much less a non-Muslim would ever take the risk of being beheaded to set foot in Mecca.  Pakistan is the home of the world's most notorious hatcheries for fanatic jihadists and suicide bombers, where sectarian butchering of minority Shiites and attacking Christians, Ahmadis and Hindus were unchecked. The Pakistani Taliban who carried out deadly suicide mission day in and day out declared to attack Myanmar to avenge their Muslim brothers. Iran is infamous for human rights violations and persecution of religious minorities such as Sunni and Sufi Muslims, Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians; so too is Bangladesh which is ill-famed for discrimination against religious minorities, such as Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and other Muslim minorities. Egypt was widely criticized for persecution of the Coptic Christians as well as Shiite and Sufi minorities. In Indonesia where Ahmadis were persecuted and Christians attacked, the religious extremists stoked religious violence against the local Buddhists in reprisal for the alleged persecution of Muslim brothers in Myanmar. Malaysia is not exculpatory of discrimination against minorities, where the Islamic fundamentalism is on the rise.

CONCLUSION: In a twist of event Myanmar which transformed itself into a democratic society on being aspired to wiggle free from the economic sanctions imposed by the West placed great expectation to foster close relationship with the West, particularly the United States.   Appreciative as was of the continued commitment to the country's transition to democracy, nonetheless all that was anticipated turned to somewhat disenchantment over the unwarranted Western pressure in favour of the illegitimate demands made by the disfranchised Bengalis based on beguiled claims. The Bengali Muslims are small in numbers but are lousy on the international scene and awfully good on manipulating the general public. The bellicose rhetoric addressing on the identity woes compounded with religious colouring not only agitated the Muslim world but also held the Western audience spell-bound. The Bengali population who concentrates in Rakhaing state constitutes a fraction of the Muslim community in Myanmar. They are not recognized by the government of Myanmar as a national race, nor were they featured as an indigenous race by the Imperialist British but only categorized them in the religion grouping along with other Muslims from different parts of India. Those who brought pressure on Myanmar should not ignore that the Islamist separatists Bengalis were economic immigrants from what is now Bangladesh, who fought the national army flying Pakistan flag, or the fact that the Bengalis looked always towards their Muslim brothers abroad, al-Qaeda and Taliban operatives inclusive, consolidating the Islamic solidarity. They have thus become a menace to the national security.

Myanmar would not be intimidated or blackmailed. Any measure under foreign pressure could prove counter-productive. Myanmar cannot be pressured to accept the demand for carte blanche citizenship of illegal Bengali immigrants. No country in the world even the United States, an immigrant nation and supposedly the most democratic society, welcomes just anybody who makes it across the border, grants unrestricted mass immigration or unscreened citizenship, let alone to recognize them as a national race with the constitutional rights to a political entity in the Union and a separate state within its territory.  Given the current situation in Myanmar the nationality question along with immigration regulation is the sine qua non of national security. From Myanmar perspective the values whereon the Western nations took a stand are secondary to the top priority of national security.

Friday, July 5, 2013


By Maung Tha Hla

Myanmar has recently been subjected to media spin and unprecedented international attention consequent upon the consecutive outbreaks of inter-communal riots between the indigenous national races and the alien Muslims brought in by the British colonialist. Critics were tempted to attribute the crisis to religion and played on stereotype of religious persecution laying emphasis on the prejudice against the Buddhist religion and its adherents. Unfortunately whatever happened in Myanmar involving the natives and pugnacious Muslims it was portrayed as persecution of Muslims and affront to Islam.  It is disgrace that Buddhism and its followers were vilified in a steam of vituperation notwithstanding what were the causes that led to the spasms of strife.

BLASPHEMY AGAINST BUDDHISM: Much has been voiced and written in open contempt of the Buddhist religion and denigration of its adherents including monks, having accused them of resorting to starling violence against the Muslims. Anti-Buddhism messages that dominated the media were largely spread by the Islamic nations and mainstream Western news service with the sinister object to tarnish Buddhism and to incur hatred of its followers. The absurdity underlined in the assertion that Buddhism was a religion of animosity and violence. On the contrary the principles of non-violence and loving-kindness are more central to Buddhism than Islam and Christianity. Buddhism, which advocates a gentle Middle Way to its goal, is pragmatic and peaceful. It is devoid of extremism, but in contrast Islam and Christianity have a fair share of it and went through dark ages. Violence has been instrumental in the success of Islam which has geographically expanded from a tiny place called Medina to the full extent of 57 nations in Asia, Africa and Europe, with a global population of over one billion.

Judgment was unwarrantedly passed against the conduct of Buddhists insidiously alluded them to being immoral; on the other hand moral value is the foundation of Buddhism. The critics are woefully ignorant about Buddhism which is a religion of self-redemption. Buddhism teaches that a person, doer, alone is responsible for the consequences of his moral and physical acts. High standard of morality may not be achieved without personal striving.  Average Buddhist, either a monk or a layman, is not an Arhahant, a person who has achieved the highest stage of perfection in Theravada Buddhism. As a sentient being, an ordinary Buddhist is no exception from any follower of other religions, who is subject to five senses of what one sees, hears, tastes, smells, touches or thinks. A Buddhist in Myanmar attaches great importance to traditions, whose loyalty lies first with his family, then his nation and his religion which he is bound to protect conscientiously. An imperfect performance of a Buddhist should not be blamed on the religion.  Rationalistically, the critics must come to terms with the harsh reality of the life of a Buddhist in Myanmar who had gone through humiliation and rage over the Western colonization and lived in anxiety and fear of the prospect of Islamization, which readily prompted him to put himself on the line of defence whenever his nation and religion came under external threat. A peaceable society has been influenced by low standards of international morality.   

BUDDHISM AND NATIOALISM: Buddhism has been integral to the national identity of the people of Myanmar, having taken a leading role in the national movement. Buddhism plays an important role in social and political life of 90 per cent of the population. By traditions the political and social development was built on Buddhism under the power of monarchy which developed it as a state religion. Conceptually each king was defender of the faith and patron of the clergy that devolved from one monarch to the next. The demise of monarchy left the faith without defenders and the clergy without patrons.  In the absence of monarchy the clergy came to play a crucial role in the development of national responsibilities to safeguard the religion.

Regrettably the Islamic and Christian sources made scathing remarks about Buddhist nationalism. Arguably, every religion has been a force in shaping the nation's character and has influence on national politics and identity of the people. Buddhism which was once the bedrock identity of Asia now flourishes in many Asian countries and influences national politics. The age-old political and social role of Buddhism in Asia is confined to each individual country contributing to the development of its own national interests. However, Islamic nationalism having disposed of the Western colonialism consolidated into a pan-Islamic movement with a baleful impact on the international peace and security. The United States is a leading Christian nation where religion is supposed to be separated from politics, but religion has always been a major force in the American politics, policy, identity and culture. Religion shapes the nation's character and influences how it responds to events across the globe. 

THE ROLE OF CLERGY: The clergy who are guardians of the Buddha's teachings are also regarded as teachers. The village education as well as social welfare has historically been centered round the monastery.  The clergy who strive for the spiritual truth need the material support of the laity, and laymen depend on the community of monks for the guidance in their efforts to cultivate the Buddhist spirituality. One cannot enrich oneself without the other. The lay-monastic relationship as such involves mutual support and close cooperation. The interaction has brought the clergy in times of crisis to the aid of laity whose respect for the authority of senior monks comes before the acceptance of the law and regulations of the government.

Out of share ignorance the Muslim community, Human Rights groups and Western critics failed to recognize the political role of the monks in Myanmar. The British rule formed Buddhism as a political base, and the clergy were looked upon as the source for nationalist political inspiration, which stirred politically oriented younger monks who fostered nationalism in the struggle against colonialism demanding to redress social, economic and political grievances. The monks took an active part in the resistance against the British, which initially was sparked by the practice of Europeans wearing shoes while walking on pagoda grounds.  In 1919 four monks were arrested in Mandalay for the attack on a group of Europeans who entered a pagoda with their shoes on, and consequently the leader was sentenced to life imprisonment. The religious issue became the symbol representing the grievances which had been festering for years.

U Ottama was the first and foremost politically motivated nationalist monk, who led the political movement to protest the British rule. He criticized the British for bringing the nation to slavery and debasing the Buddhist monk's prestige. He was arrested in 1921 for urging non-payment of taxes and boycotts, and thenceforth served fragmental jail time for his anti-British activities until his death in 1939. Another prominent monk was U Wizara who was arrested for agitating against British restraints on Buddhist practices. He died in jail in 1929 after a hunger strike fighting for the right to wear his robe while in prison.  Monks joined forces with nationalist Saya San in the uprising against the British in 1930-31 and took part in riots against the British in 1938. In the struggle for national independence monks were not only involved in the movement against the British colonialists but against the Japanese occupiers as well. The nationalist monks U Seinda and U Pyinnya Thiha were the vanguard in the resistance against the Japanese forces in the Rakhaing front during the Second World War. After national independence the monks continued political activities in the advancement of the welfare of people and the best example was The Saffron Revolution of 2007.

NATIONAL INTERESTS: The 969 Movement which has been gaining currency among the masses is by all means a significant national development to neutralize economic and social grievances in the face of growing threats of alien Muslims to the livelihood, culture and belief of the natives. U Wirathu who inspired people with awareness of nationalism urged them to patronize the Buddhist-owned businesses and shops with the view to lessening of economic dependent on the elements of Muslim community who thrived in urban commerce and businesses, which in some way projects a comparison with what Mahatama Gandhi did in British India. He boycotted imported cloth as he wanted his people to spin their own in an effort to become less dependent on imports.  The 969 Movement, which becomes the object of international criticism, has just been put into operation but the public attention has squarely missed the Islamic numerical emblem 786 which has been in convenance for many decades conspicuously in display at the Muslim businesses, shops and homes so as to distinguish them from those owned by people of other faiths. Muslims generally boycott the non-Muslim business establishments. Moreover, the Muslim students who set for the matriculation examination were knavishly induced to mark the same Islamic symbol at the top of each answer paper with a view to seeking favour from the fellow Muslim examiners in virtue of religious affiliation. Thus was the Islamic loyalty maintained and through which was achieved solidarity among the Muslim community. Islamic religionism ran in all walks of life.

The proposal for restriction on transaction of the real estates is no less compatible with the Islamic law whereby the land and property acquired by the Muslims are not revertible to the infidels. Buying up the real estates in the traditionally predominant Buddhist neighbourhood has become a scenario throughout the country. Significantly, more and more Muslims have moved into previously exclusive Buddhist communities. The establishment of micro Muslim colonies was none other than the surgical implant of the Islamic cells into the body of Buddhist society, which evoked grave concern of the natives over their safety and the future of their way of life. 

The proposed restriction on marriage between Buddhist women and Muslim men is exactly the same as inter-faith marriage policy being enforced in Malaysia, Singapore and Muslim countries around the world. There is a double standard of those who criticized the proposed Buddhist-Muslim marriage rule when they never utter a word about the practice that has all along been pursued by the Muslims. The critics may be reminded that young Bengali Muslim males were induced to migrate into Myanmar, the land of abundant food and pretty damsels; to marry the native maidens; to convert their wives and the offspring into Muslims; to translate the Koran into Burmese; to spread Islam in the community; to seek public and government offices; to secure the strategic positions in the military; and ultimately to overthrow the government. The cynical conspiracy abroad was complimented with an equally sneering scheme within the country that the Muslim youth were offered monetary incentives to venture into winning the hand of daughters of government officials, especially the military Generals; the higher the status the larger the award. The game plan was to stretch the boundary of acceptance of Islam along conversion consequent upon inter-faith marriages, and to assert influence on the elite in power through their loved ones. 

A sharp growth in the Muslim population relative to the local Buddhists, particularly in Rakhaing state, roused the fears of the natives that their land would be taken over by the Muslims.  The virtual increase of Muslim population was the sum total of mass immigration, expositional reproduction and devastating attrition of the natives, which resulted in a ratio of 97 to 3 per cent over local Rakhaings in the previously Buddhist dominated area of Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships. Unless the modus operandi of having one to two dozen children in a Muslim family by polygamy is rescinded the risk of inter-racial violence will definitely be on the rise making the land a dangerous place. Myanmar has a legitimate reason to fear that an explosive growth of the Bengali Muslim population would lead to the endangerment of the national security and the territorial integrity given the internationally colluded scheme to establish a free Muslim state in the land of Rakhaing, which the Bengali secessionists planned to accede to their former homeland, what is now Bangladesh.

To the Muslims, demography is destiny. The critics of the West might recall that some prominent Muslim leaders had predicted that Muslims would conquer Europe by simple demography. Mohammed Ben Brahim Boukharonba, Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of Algeria proudly stated at the United Nations that "through the wombs of our women" the Muslims of the South would conquer Europe. Muammar al-Gaddafi, the Libyan President claimed, "There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don't need terrorists, we don't need homicide bombs, 50 + million Muslims in Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades." Gravely faced with the growing Muslim population the fear of demographic threat sounds the tocsin of alarm in the non-Muslim world.

THE HYPOCRISY: Sardonically the peevish Muslims put themselves on the moral high ground posturing as being compassionate and magnanimous despite the ongoing atrocities perpetrated against other religions and sectarian conflicts that torn the Muslim world. Irony is that the Muslims who hijacked democracy and human rights found cheap services of a host of predisposed Western media outlets to vilify Buddhism and its followers. It comes to no surprise that some liberal news services which having indulged in unethical reporting on Buddhist religion unwittingly degraded their publications to the level of super market tabloids for the contents which were riddled with factual errors and distortion. The atrocious reality, which should be known to the Western media community and their Muslim clients who immorally reached the deep pockets to insensately impose Islam on the non-Muslim nations and peaceful peoples, is that such outrageously vituperative presentation about Buddhism and development of nationally oriented measures only renders adverse effect on the inter-faith relationship which has already been on a precarious onset due to outside manipulation.


Sunday, April 1, 2012


By Maung Tha Hla

The illegal immigrant Bengali Muslims of the Rakhaing state (Arakan) in Myanmar rose in rebellion for North Arakan Free Muslim state in 1948, and the abortive outcome has compelled them to live with the sentimental fantasy of the Muslim freehold ever since. The recent political reforms that took place in Myanmar stirred hope among the Bengali separatists who mused over the prospect of their fantasy, and obviously invoked the self-idolized Muslim academics to cautiously tone down the inflammatory rhetoric, who otherwise chronically fomented enmity with the government, having notoriously bent on dwelling upon moral bankruptcy, engaging in the hate speech and name-callings.

On the other hand, behind the scenes, the glimmer of hope, however, evoked an emotional debate that played out across the immigrant Bengali community over the remonstrance against the Anti-Rohingya Union (ARU) for the contentious principles, particularly "indivisible Arakan state", which literally meant the abandonment of the dream of Islamic freehold.  Following a much heated discussion, a decision was reached by a near consensus to uphold the delusive desideratum of dreamland, only to be entangled in a violent quarrel over the question of representation on a Citizen Advisory Committee being deputed to make a prepositional assessment with regard to the Islamic secessionist movement. At the insistence of Dr. Ali Butcher Islam, a professor emeritus, the matter was settled resorting to a compromise and the committee was formed with a representative each from the Bengali Refugee Organization of the United Kingdom (BROUK), the Anti-Rohingya Netizens Organization (ARNO), the Rohingya Sufi Organization (RSO) and the Bengali Refugee Association of North America (BRANA). It goes without saying that Dr. Ali Butcher Islam appointed himself Chair-man of the committee, who made public the white paper:-

FLICKERING HOPE: Hoping for an Islamic freehold is an unrealistic wish and unattainable goal, which we did not achieve in the past seventy years. It was an epic failure; perhaps the timely reminder of the end of the centuries-long aspiration. Nevertheless, by a curious twist of events, our jihadist separatist movement seemed to have limped back to a hopeful future, after having gone through the greater part of our miserable life. Given the much-heralded democratic reforms undertaken by the infidels whom we called the beasts, the light of our fabulous freehold is now presumably at the end of the tunnel, which we never hoped would have happened.  Yet we should not let ourselves thrown into the wildest excitement by the optimism of rickety future. Perhaps, the irony of fate might have played an unfair trick upon us, the alien Bengali separatists.  It is not crystal clear that the evil of non-citizenship issue, which ironically originated from the British colonial rule, would come to an end. We never know when our dream will come true. It might not be in our lifetime or never. Maybe there is just the tunnel, but no light; hence we shall not at any time be legalized as bona fide citizens paving the way for recognition of our fake ethnicity, which in turn without question is the essential prerequisite to the Islamic dreamland.  However, nothing must lead our efforts astray.

ELEMENT OF PROXY: Our goal is to have us, the illegal immigrant Bengalis, recognized as an ethnic group with the constitutional right to a free Islamic freehold. In order to achieve our objective attempts were made to bring the separatist movement into the vortex of international politics having duped ourselves in the precedent of Kosovo. On that account we made desperate efforts to boost political influence, through the powerful Islamic lobbyists, using various sources at different levels, such as the heretical apologists and publicists, the liberal media, the accommodating NGOs, the regional and United Nations organizations as well as the Western governmental and law making institutions, one after another in the flight of fancy that the latter was more influential than the former. Unfortunately, after all these unproductive efforts we finally ended up with hypocritical and controversial Muslim patrons, whom we thought most authoritative believing in their ludicrous illuminism.

It remains an open question whether our objective will ever be materialized through the Western proxies; courting them has evidently become a tall order in the light of their changing attitudes towards Myanmar, who were intrigued to promote their own interests and clearly circumspect to connive at advancing our illicit movement.  Moreover, there is a bone contention of the integrity of so-called influential Muslim patrons, who prejudiced themselves having flunked their write-ups by inciting a thinly veiled threat of Islamist revolt, in the example of the Arab Spring (which started to germinate democratic changes but evidently grew into Islamist power) no matter how small was the Muslim population in question. Unfortunately, the inflammatory and unscholarly statements only rendered racial tension. We have serious reservations about the effectiveness of ostensibly righteous oration of self-proclaimed moralist Muslims, which were riddled with factual errors and hypocrisy given their own society was embedded in racial discrimination and religious persecution, and the country wherefrom they hailed was entrenched in turbulence. Their credibility was undoubtedly blighted for the sanctimony, and their claim as defenders of human rights was left in tatters.

LYING SPREE: On the other hand, we are exceptionally intellectual and competent lie-savvy.  Look no further than examples of our writings which convey repertories of lies. The duplicity spiraled out of control; theories tossed around multiple origins of ethnicity but one prominent exception of the Bengali ancestry. In order to keep the true identity under wrap, all our drumbeat stories never mentioned one thing about our influx during the British days and thereafter, and also why the British Imperialist Administration recorded us as alien Chittagonian Bengalis and categorized in the religious rather than ethnic grouping. We played the victim of racial discrimination and persecution of Islamic religion, notwithstanding the inexorable criminal acts of perfidy having revolted against the host country in the fulfillment of the Islamic inspiration. We repeated slavish imitation of complaint portraying ourselves as innocent and benevolent despite the fact that we agitated for Arakan, the Moghe land, to become as part of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) as the British left Burma. We never threw a line in the political rhetoric about the illegal immigration and the separatist movement on being afraid lest the fair-minded public should have the opportunity to see the true picture of the issue; otherwise, all the outrageous accusations and outlandish claims would have been execrated. We prided ourselves on being versatile confederates who put in force an organized campaign to spread manufactured accounts of our history and ethnicity and engaged in the malicious slander about the Moghe/Rakhaings (Arakanese) who disputed our stories.  Frankly, what we have been trying to achieve is at the expense of the Moghe, and often than not imposing on them ploy of the wolf in sheep's clothing. We blamed the Moghe for our failure. We accused them as racist conspirators; unfortunately, we amply proved ourselves being no better either. We claimed credit for what we disseminated anti-Moghe rhetoric making them the scapegoat for the doomed Islamic freehold. At the same time we played out absurd tricks in a bid to drive a wedge between the Moghe and Burmese and more insensately negative stereotypes seeking to rouse public resentment against Myanmar by vilifying the Buddhist religion. In a sickening act of deceit we conflated Buddhism and the adherents with genocide but never ever mentioned cowardly about the fact that in the name of our own religion fellow Muslims committed crimes against humanity. We earnestly adhered to the strategy to manipulate the separatist issue in the pretext of holding a belief for democracy in spite of the fact that our faith and democracy were irreconcilable. In the first place, how could we transgress the cardinal tenet about the inferiority of women?  We never believe in the equality of man with woman; and hereby solemnly vow that the divine right of having four spouses will never ever be traded upon with women. Empowerment of women is against the Sharia. It is a sin.

That we are a superb factory of duplicitous inventions is the fact that we fabricated countless versions about our history and ethnicity. Most blatantly we belied the fateful term "Rohingya", which was initially devised as the hybrid race of the Arabs; however, given the valid objection to the term, we subsequently subverted and supplanted it with an equally fabulous claim of various origins that included, the Yemenis, the Afghans, the Persians, the Moors, the Turks, the Moguls, the Chakmas and you name it, only to add fuel to the flames of rejection. In a measure to prove ourselves entirely different from the Bengalis an instant language was created but our tricky ingenuity could hardly forge it being distinct from the Chittagonian dialect. And one other invention, presumably not the last, was a costume as recently displayed in Oslo, Norway, which was made up of such components as the dunce's cap-like headdress with a strip dangling on the side, the grey-hued, the medieval Manchu-styled jacket opening down the front, and a pair of loose trousers, no matter how clumsy the man in that grab looked like the scarecrow.  As a matter of fact, we broke the record of fake inventions, but our accomplishments were not registered in the Guinness World Records book. Is it not discrimination based on the race and religion, which definitely is a criminal act calling for justice before the International Criminal Court for the violation of human rights? 

THE DELUSION:  The plain truth is that the chief obstacle to our efforts to establish the Islamic freehold sprung from the xenophobic and undemocratic Moghe, who resisted Islamic infiltration and did not want to share their land with us. Allah willing, we will make all the Moghe extinct from the Northern Arakan sooner or later; we have no illusion in putting into force the mortal Islamic justice, history stands testament to it. Only to get rid of the Moghe and their land will be our own.  As such, the first priority is to relocate the border security fence from the bank of the Naaf River along with Bangladesh to the bank of the Mayu River, which would not only prevent the Moghe of the Southern part from entering the Islamic domain but also open the flood gate to our brothers from the fatherland since the two territories are to be amalgamated.

In the meanwhile, we should desist from the inherent dissimulation that we were the sister community of the Moghe in the excuse of having common political interest against the Burmese. It is a lie. The two groups, the natives and aliens, have never been on good terms. We loathe the Moghe; our intent has been death and destruction to them. We are just double-dealers, sentimentally interested only for our own but no one else's.  We are Muslims being bound by Islamic faith and should not imitate the Buddhist Moghe or the Burmese, whose habits are all evil. We should not resemble them in any manner, or take their names, or adapt ourselves to their language, let alone their dress and diet, but always hold enmity towards them and their way of life. We should not let the two cultures mingle with each other; no interfaith or intercultural dialogue. The multiculturalism has been a disaster in the West; thanks to brother Muslim immigrants who were seethed with rage against the cultures of adopted lands. We should adopt and strengthen our monolithic culture. Arabization is the only solution to the institutionalization of socio-anthropological mould in order to help us identify with the Arabs so that we might be subordinated to the Arab Monetary Fund; of course, not as a donor so to speak.

We have taken issue with the opponents about the belied term " Rohingya" which was rejected nationwide, who refused to accept the term as the identity of an ethnic minority; thus, our rage against the enemy should by no means be limited to promote anti-Moghe bigotry, but we should also intensify our efforts to wage the campaign of intimidation and silencing of any ethnic nationality or political institution, chiefly the government, which raised objection to our separatist movement.  In this context, we command the leadership of the National League for Democracy: (1) Purge the old guards of the party who, on the strength of personal knowledge of our ethnicity and background, confuted our phony origin and history; (2) Disregard the misleading histories written by the Moghe, which were mere trash and of no account, but abide by our make-up histories, which were authentic and valid; (3)Remember whatever fact the Moghe said was a lie, whatever lie we made was a fact; they were always in the wrong and we were forever in the right, which is our statement of truth, (4) Put on record that we are not foreigners, but just have the fortune of being illegal Bengali immigrants; and (5) Give official recognizance, in return for our self-seeking support pretentiously in the name of democracy, to the belied term "Rohingya", which was the latest guile imputed to dreaming up the Islamic freehold.

REALITY FACTOR: The fever of hysteria broke out among our superb intelligentsia over the fantasy genre, the feasibility of which by fair means or foul is doubtlessly out of the question, yet we have been inherently hypnotized by unrelenting notion of Islamic secessionism, the endemic disease. The situation has been so dire that after three quarters of a century we came to realize our limitations and the infeasibility of our dream. The vexing question is about how our illegal separatist movement might end; the outcome is not just unpredictable but unthinkable. After all we, on our part, have done the stratagem to the best of our ability, but in vain; it is now up to the Allah to fulfill our uncanny aspiration. At the same time we failed to understand why Allah took so long to bless us, the doggedly devout Muslims. Apparently he might have underplayed the purpose and object of our separatist movement, the tenor of which was in fact to implant an Islamic foothold and establish progeny in the area we encroached upon as the first step towards Islamization of the entire Buddhist land. Perhaps, Allah neglected us because he was well aware of the futility of our unlawful movement.  Nevertheless, our objective must never falter; our goal must be achieved with or without the Grace of Allah.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


 By Maung Tha Hla

"Rohingya", the belied term, which was devised by the immigrant Bengali separatists in order for them to claim as the hybrid race of Arabs was in peril of obliteration. Rumours were afloat that a controversy over the substitute name was resulted from a rift between the Bengali residents of the inner and outer perimeter of the envisaged Islamic freehold. Eventually an online discussion was afoot among the Bengali intelligentsia of the jihadist separatist movement.

Salamalaikum Bengali Brothers,

Something has terribly gone wrong with our Islamist separatist movement. The bumpy ride of "Rohingya" has come to a dead end. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of our former homeland, the backbone of the movement, has forsaken us.  She did not use officially the contrived name "Rohingya" anymore, because she knows who we are and where we belong. Moreover, the BBC Burmese Section, once staunch supporter of our cause, in a complete reverse of its policy, dropped the same name in favor of the term, Burmese Muslims. The authorities in the neighboring countries, such as Thailand and Malaysia referred to us as Burmese nationals.

Newt Gingrich, former House Speaker and a contender for the Republican Presidential candidate pronounced that the Palestinians, who made attempts to create a separate State, were invented people. He said they were in fact Arabs and historically part of Arab community.  On the contrary, we, who nicknamed ourselves" Rohingya", deceitfully claimed to being the Arab descent. In reality, we are Bengalis and part of the Chittagonian community.  But, reality asides, we are determined not to admit as being Bengalis lest we should be treated as foreigners; hence deprived ourselves of a Muslim freehold.

Now the question is what shall we call ourselves, that is, what the next name would be like?  Keeping in line with our social system of mass breeding, and given the mass stealthy infiltration, the most logical name in my wise opinion is definitely either the Rodengya (Rodents+gya)  or the Roachengyas (Roaches+gya), which is not only complementary to the disgraced name "Rohingya" but also attunes to the preposterous claim we made inconsistently about our proliferating numbers.

I have no doubt in my mind that you all will receive with deep respect my superb conception since I am a great professor, exclusively trained in human rights affairs of my own people. None the less, I am reluctantly humbled myself to listen to any stupid idea if one of you, among the pig-headed lot, dares to tax my patience.

Br.Abu-LAIR, Ph.D.
Professor of Human Rights for Islamist Secessionists
Chairman, Anti-Rohingya Netizens Organization ( ARNO)


Dr. Abu-LIAR Bai,

I am greatly impressed by the invention of the nomenclatures of Rodengya and Roachengya, which you formulated intelligently based on the concept of biology and social customs. Your invention has prompted me to rejuvenate the long smoldering conceptual analysis of the behavior and practice of sexuality of our virile cultural traditions, which apparently aimed at generating the multiplication of breeding. The atrocious reality is that we have been brought up to lead a lustful life, indulging the chauvinistic male species with the right to marry four wives.  However, given the incoherent claims on our part about the accelerated growth of population, the four-wife tenet is no more effectual to help tally the irrational mathematics of demographic proliferation unless the  pro rata  of four wives is substituted with the prerogative privilege  of having  more than four wives, perhaps not excluding minors. 

All the same, there is one problem. To add more sex slaves to the harem, exceeding the existing quota of four is bound to spark outcry from the Western human rights maniacs who would demonize us as being immoral. And the worst scenario could be that we all might end up before the International Criminal Court (ICC) for abuse of women, being pedophiles and crime against humanity, riposting us with our own motto.  But I have not the slightest doubt that the Western idiots can be pacified, as it has always been, netting them with the Sharia Finance.

Then and there my brainstorm animates the genetic engineering project patterned after the doctrine of biogenesis, which is generation of living organisms from other living organisms.  In my case, human organism is to be developed from organism of same individual, which is hermaphrodite. For the benefit of Madrasa students I must put it in the plain language that every one of us, both sexes, will undergo trans-sexual surgical operation in order for him or her to have both male and female productive organs in the same individual, like the earthworm.  The procedure will not only accelerate the population growth but make all of us, women inclusive, equal and no one would be more equal than others. It is the only way to carry through our preponderant claim having  cloned  individually and incorporated into a community of our own ethnicity; no more monkeying others'  so that we, the arrogant  narcissists  of  Bengali breed, are not held up to mockery. I most honestly believe that my conception will greatly enhance our efforts to outnumber the indigenous Moghe/Rakhaing (Arakanese) leading to the hypostatization of the Muslim freehold.

Br. Halah Mohammed, Ph.D.
Professor of Bio-ethics, Rohingya Sufi Organization ( RSO)


All Bengali Brothers,

I am filled with dismay at your impetuous obstinacy clinging onto the defiled term "Rohingya". While the intelligent few can grasp the wisdom of my concept some brainless individuals expressed strong dissent of the invented names Rodengya and Roachengya, which they regarded not being the genus Homo but animalistic equalization. As all of you will realize that my invention was based on the doctrine of mass breeding as per our social system and given the wild spread infestation we already had redounded.  The mammal or otherwise, keep in mind that we encroached upon a foreign land and grew in numbers to ensconce slyly to a monolithic community having excluded ourselves from the mainstream society.  Therefore, there should not arise any dissention about my immutable conception.  The most I can compromise myself is with the selection of Rodengya over Roachengya; and I propose that our future freehold is to be   known as Emirate of Rodensia.  Why is it Emirate? Let us not forget the Arab funding, the life line of our separatist movement.  Unless we put them in the best light we would be like the fish out of water. I believe that there will be dissension and even acrimonious bickering in some quarters about the use of Emirate.

Dr. Abu-LIAR, Eminent Professor.
Chairman of ARNO


Br. Ali-LAIR and  Br. Halah Mohammed,

I am obliged to bring to your kind attention that apart from all our fabricated stories and falsified claims, there was one  more silly contention that the term "Rohingya" originated from the Arabic word "Raham" meaning sympathy, shown upon the Arab castaways  by the Moghe king of old Arakan.  In my opinion it is none other than exaltation of the nobility of an infidel to the utmost indignation of our pride and dignity. How ridiculous is this story, but what is more loathsome is that the people who are infatuated with the awe of Arab grandeur are taking it seriously. Just think of the name Arakan, which we brazenly claimed the Arabic. Based on the foregoing assumption, the Arab seamen in question might have been so overwhelmed by the nobility of the Moghe king that they considered him worthy of reverence as an Arahant /Arhan, which  in Pali is a person who has achieved the highest stage of perfection in Theravada Buddhism.  The word Arakan therefore seems to have derived from the word Arahant. To associated with the term Arakan is to associate with Buddhism, hence to offend our own religion. So it is a deadly sin.

The problem is we have long been making fool of ourselves aping the Arab attribute. Why are we so impassioned about the Arabs?  All aspect of our life, such as the belief, the fake ethnicity and even the name of our dream freehold is anointed with the Arab identity.  Honestly speaking, at the same time we have pretended not to be knowing that the Arabs never acknowledged us part of them despite we blatantly insisted on the claim to being their kin.  They could no longer tolerate piracy of their identity. As a matter of fact, the Arabs disgusted us so much so that they consolidated into a secret clique called ARAB, in order that we could no longer abuse Arab identity nor we ever dare to utter the word Arab.  You know what they meant by the acronym ARAB?  It stands for Anti-Rohingya Action Brotherhood (Fraternity). The Arab superiority has made us inferior in fidelity. We embraced their religion in the false hope of equality only to be looked down as the servile class in their midst, having thrown out at us a fistful of handouts occasionally. The duplicity in their dealing with us has long been apparent, now it is unmistakable with the internment and public execution in the holiest place.  The obstinate illusion of the Arab blood should be put to an end.  The charade should now be stopped. We should disclaim anything attributed to the Arabs.

There is one more question about the name Rodensia which evidently is the imitation of Malaysia. The people of that nation who are Muslin converts themselves like us degraded the fellow immigrants to the level of pan handlers. They have nothing in common with us to duplicate them except the religion and the fact that we both were previously subjugated by the British Imperialists, who on the other hand, called us Chittagonians after the place wherefrom we were imported to work as coolies in the rice industry. Were it not for the British colonialists we could not have landed en mass on the Moghe soil. Basically, the British colonialists are at the root of all the woes we are going through our life.

Br.Nazir Ahmad, Ph.D., President,
Bengali Refugee Organization of the United Kingdom (BROUK) 


Brs. Bengali Professors,

I have deep respect for your academic qualifications and unquestionable ability to influence our people in molding attitudes against our enemies. To my amazement, you all have become unbeatable champions in the craft how to get nasty and personal with the Moghe, having accused them as xenophobes, racists, bigots and hatemongers just because they happened to question the validity of duplicitous assertions we disseminated in a stream of misleading and falsified accounts about history and ethnicity, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary to our claims. In fact we are the ones who ought to be bashed on with such despicable epithets for the rants made against them. Our disingenuousness knows no bounds. We slandered about them at one point and allured them at another; a sick joke in deed. The Moghe might be half-educated or have no academic training as we arrogantly held them in contempt, but they are not that dumb to buy our insincere overture. This is the unfathomable folly on the part of self-elevated academics.

There is a saw, "crocodile tears" which comes from the old belief that crocodiles shed tears while eating the creatures they have caught. We can't be soothing the Moghe while we masticate them to the bone. The crocodiles snap at their prey from under water, so did we make attempt to grasp their land cunningly. They have nothing to negotiate with or make any compromise to us in order to give away part of their land.  We should henceforth stop the blatant duplicity, which is now getting flak even among the Westerners, who out of ignorance, at one time believed what we claimed to be the Arab hybrids, the race  that never was, and the history which had  never been written. We have just not exhausted all silly whims that can be fabricated but run out of Western morons who recycled our fictions. What we do now, just resort to vulgarism?

Another stupid tactics was to pit the Moghe against the Burmese or conversely. Our attacks were just not directed exclusively to the Moghe but the Burmese inclusive. Often times we made ludicrous accusation of the Mohge as collaborators with the Military regime whom we labeled as perpetrators of human rights. The irony is that in a twist of event, some quarters shamelessly put up a petition for mercy to the Burmese authorities, whom we assailed with criminal allegations. We beseeched manipulatively support of the Westerners, who out of abject fear of political correctness, cravenly connived at attempting to bring the regime before the ICC on the charges of crimes against humanity. While imposing ourselves in the vision of the Islamic freehold we sought alliance with other religious groups. Sadly, some were more interested in using us to promote their own purposes. It was unpalatable alliance. Who is using who? Regrettably, we are getting our due. The hooliganism and outright lies had eroded our credibility. People around the world did not cuddle us let alone to welcome to their lands. We were excoriated internationally for the link to the al-Qaeda and Taliban, who in fact were no better either. They discriminated against us having segregated racially and deployed as porters and human shields in the mine-fields of the Afghan wars against the infidel invaders.

Br. Saddit Khan, Ph.D.
Professor of Rohingya Affairs    


All Bengali Brothers,

I must confess that I am chagrined at the failure to steer the discussion into a more pleasant atmosphere but, unfortunately it went wild.  The core arguments emerging from it are centered on two circumstantialities. The first is bigotry against the Moghe following our characteristic to place blames on others, and in this regard, poring hostility and hatred on them who raised legitimate concerns about the Islamic infiltration and Islamization of their homeland. I am shocked at the vicious attacks taken place on the Internet rife with intense rage, naked racism and accusation of contempt of our faith, the tactics meant to demonize and silence the critics of our separatist movement.  Secondly, the sentimental exhortation as to the vexing problem of the claims we made about our ethnicity and history.

But the greater problem now is that the discussion over how to identify ourselves has polarized our superlative academics. Let us not engage in dissension and obstinacy. You all know that Islam spread through sword. Accordingly, we did make in vain an attempt through the jihadist Mujtahid uprising, which we continue under a different brand. And it is also true that mass infiltration and demographic proliferation is the ultimate weapon to accelerate the Islamic conquest of the world. In that we are undeniably successful due in part to the British Masters who enabled us to infiltrate and also our own mass breeding methods, strait out of the book, which facilitated us to generate a self-segregated community. But we are lacking one thing. It is the status and recognition of us as a race. The only solution to this is the adoption of the term Rodengya, which is conducive to our rate of breeding and untenable numbers. It is cardinal that we should practice polygamy more than ever.

Don't be complicit in the deceit longer. Time has come for action. Let us adopt the name Rodengya and baptize the envisaged Muslim freehold as Emirate of Rodensia, which as we previously pledged will ultimately be federated with our former homeland after having wiped out all the Moghe. May Allah help the Rodengya genesis go global in the days ahead with more immigrants reaching on the shores of the multiculturalist nations in the West, especially the land of our old Colonial Masters, where we already have nestled and established a community of our own known as the Bengali Refugees Organization of the United Kingdom (BROUK), which would do anything to mobilize support of the godfathers in the efforts to realize our pipe dream.

Dr. Abu-LAIR, Eminent Professor.
Chairman of ARNO

P. S.

The most obtrusive blunder we ever made was that we claimed ourselves the aborigines of old Arakan despite the fact that we contemptuously called the same land MOGHE MULLUK, the land of notorious Moghe/Rakhaings (Arakanese). It is the self-confessed evidence of who we are and wherefrom we originated. But, let me repeat this, we shall never admit that we are foreign elements of Bengali strain; never ever admit, period!